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7. April 2016

Whilst preparing our boat and us for such a long trip  things went their usual way : everything

happened delayed: ordered items came in 3-4 weeks later, improvements and changes to Never Land were delayed, so we finally were doubting of being able to leave latest on our planned date….. but the last item on Never Land’s TLC, her new solar panels,  were finally completely installed and re-checked. So we decided to leave as planned and we’ll finalise what was open during our way…. with Townsville and Cairns to come on our way….

So after refuelling in the more than late afternoon we left Port of Airlie and just went „around the corner“, to Double Bay.
Just in time for a wonderful sunset the was dropped and sipping on a glass of wine (or maybe two ) we were thinking about the time to come. I guess it was a good sign that after a rainy and cloudy day the sun came out as we left !

The next morning proofed what the weather forecast promised : winds around 20 knots, cloudy with a couple of showers along the coastline. Nonetheless we lifted the anchor and kept going,  and shortly after it started to become a bit choppy, but nothing could change our good mood !
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Whilst Ingo was driving the boat I was most of the time re-ordering things, re-arranging this and that, lots of small bits and pieces….

Arriving Cape Upstart we were rewarded with another colorful sunset…..what do we need more !

We stayed the whole next day with the anchor safe put down where we were, enjoying ourselves, still clearing a couple of things, e.g. again  checking our spare parts list if there is something we may have missed until now…..

catching up with our sleep deficit from the last week and of course waiting for the sea to calm down again….

We had an unintentionally visitor on board, but we could release him happily.

Unfortunately during this day my bladder infection, which I had since a week ago, came back – I was still taking antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor in Cannonvale- and it got worth from hour to hour. So next day, still quite rough we were luckily leaving Cape Upstart in a bit of a very windy “wind-and-rain-zone-window” (no, I don’t use the word storm, as it wasn’t a storm and I’m missing another suitable word ).

Between Cape Upstart and Cape Bowling Green we had quite a couple of moments due to heavy sea state and rain which we easily could have refrained….

We finally arrived safe and sound the Breakwater Marina in Townsville on sunday afternoon, where we were very warm welcomed !

First thing monday morning was a doctors appointment and after that we knew we shouldn’t leave here before friday as we need to wait for some results….. Good and bad at the same time, but we can’t risk leaving land with a procrastinated infection.

We spend the time in several marine supply shops, at Rosshaven Marine and several other shops. Yes, as planned, we shopped even more spare parts here for this and that : the two engines, the genset, the compressor and so on. For boats Townsville is a bit of a shopping paradise because they have so much in stock that there is hardly something to be ordered in…. But all of that could have been done in just one day.

The extremely good thing is that we can have a few brekkies  at Otto’s Freshfood markets : they do really german rolls and have german cold meat – would you believe how much you can eat for a brekkie ?? The evenings are filled with going out for drinks and dinner with a couple of friends we have made over the years here…. but to be honest : we hardly can’t wait to leave here and continuing our trip… and it’s only tuesday night  🙁

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