Already one week...

Already one week…

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Already one week…

since we left home

and still in Townsville !

We Practice Patience

Unbelievable and unexpected :

Ingo had to see a dentist today…

after the visit the pain was gone and so was one tooth

We’re still shopping

Do we really have enough coffee ?

Enough milk ?

Enough flour ?

Enough wine ?

Endless lists !

About Our Progress

Ready to go !

  • 01

    Still a marine strong wind warning for the area of Cairns to Mackay – we better stay safe !

  • 02

    We might make it to Magnetic Island tomorrow

Daily Checks

  • 03

    We checked that we checked what we have checked !

  • 04

    How many days until we can leave ?? We’ve been so often in Townsville that it feels like still being at home !

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