Darwin & the Cullen Bay Marina

Darwin & the Cullen Bay Marina

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Going into the lock to finally enter the Cullen Bay Marina went as a breeze: a freshly shifted sandbar just in front of the entrance would have caused serious trouble for us but the very attentive lock master saw us approaching and guided us safely in.

No chart or online update would have given us that knowledge so we were very lucky – once again.

We had a berth at the end of the A Arm and immediately loved the whole place. Being personally walked through the whole marina with every facility and an introduction to the different restaurants and bars we felt very welcome and familiar.


Life is an adventure –So live it up !
Darwin was already very warm, better hot and humid, and being in a berth your boat doesn’t turn into the wind as it does whilst being at anchor…. So having shore power we had the aircon running and good we were.

In the first days of looking after Never Land’s needs we found smaller things which we hadn’t realised  with our daily maintenance under way so there were a couple of things to be ordered in….and always that takes more time than expected.

In the Whitsundays things have to come from Darwin and Melbourne, here they come from Sydney or Brisbane. Of course there’s always a delay on their route, no matter if they are coming by plane or truck – I wonder what could be available in Darwin for a direct pick up….

Very soon we got ourselves a small rental car so we hadn’t to drive our push bikes through the heat of the days… There was a bit of searching and finding, confirming things for places to come ( e.g. where, how and when to get marine diesel in the Kimberleys, sorting out the trouble with our satellite phone, ordering a replacement bank card and and and….re-stocking with the long-lasting items and of course exploring Darwin and its surroundings.

We found Darwin to be a big city, but very relaxed, there were no typical city-people around, these always stressful and in a hurry folks which run you over everywhere and always. It is a  mixture of Airlie Beach/Cannonvale with the possibilities of Townsville or Cairns…. a very nice place to be.

In the marina we found new friends on other boats being on a stop over, but also within the people living there.  There was so much to do, that even there I found no time to update this travel blog !

Sunset in Darwin @ Mindel Beach

Sunset in Darwin @ Mindel Beach

The lazy crew of Never Land even did not use the camera that much, but here is a very small picture show….

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