The first days of June

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Morris Island was where we aimed to after leaving the Flinders. The ocean wasn’t really calm, but all in all it was a comfortable ride of around 55nm. Whilst trolling we caught a shark, which was happily released, but we were unlucky for the rest of the day. Morris Island Morris is the southern most island in the Cole Island Group …


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With again not having the “best weather” we gave us a couple of days to go from Cairns to Cooktown. On thursday, 5th of May we left Cairns and arrived in Cooktown on the 9th. We decided to bring our push bikes on land and started to  explore Cooktown. Even if it’s called “Town”, it’s just a small village with …

The Hinchinbrook Channel

The Hinchinbrook Channel

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We travelled further north , now heading for the Hinchinbrook Channel, passed islands and places where we’ve never been before, and now it starts to feel like “exploring unknown places”. Until Townsville everything still was too familiar as we have been there so often by car. We saw very unexpected our first crocodile in the wild !!! No, we have …