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So finally on the 21. of August we said good bye to Darwin for now. After a refuelling we left for the next overnighter, which would bring us to the King George River. Robbie and his son Mitch accompanied us for 2 hours out of Darwin on their boat “Happy Dayz” and then it was only us and the ocean.

During the night the Golf was quite unpleasant, again with rough & short choppy waves, but all was manageable by our autopilot.

We arrived just outside the entrance of King George River around 3ish in the afternoon. Anchor was dropped and on went the BBQ – Porc Roast was waiting to become a dinner 😉

Early next morning we carefully found our way through and over the sandbars in the entrance. Nearly immediately we couldn’t stop saying  “wow”, “amazing” “stunning” and whatever words came in our mind. We took Never Land through the whole river, right to the end under the Twin Falls…..unfortunately they were completely dry 🙁 but anyway : the rock walls are high and we felt being back in Switzerland, in a canyon !

On one of these very hot days we climbed up a steep path, found a way through the green…. and we finally found “The Gremlin Box”

There was a rumour about the rock pools in the East Arm…. a bit hard to get there but we gave it a try…..arriving at the end of the arms we found us surrounded by rock walls with a thick rope hanging down…..

Tying up the dinghy

Tying up the dinghy

Looked really scary as both of us are not good in dealing with heights….Having come so far we took a deep breath and started tying the dinghy to the rope.

There was a tiny bit of water dripping down the rocks so we were motivated to finally find something to cool us down…. and yes, we could swim in crystal clear water in a quite large pool.

We really didn’t want to leave, but after an extended picnic we started the way more scary way down & back to our dinghy. Climbing down it was hardly to manage to grab the swinging rope but we made it back safe and sound. We were really proud about ourselves !

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