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So finally on the 21. of August we said good bye to Darwin for now. After a refuelling we left for the next overnighter, which would bring us to the King George River. Robbie and his son Mitch accompanied us for 2 hours out of Darwin on their boat “Happy Dayz” and then it was only us and the ocean.

During the night the Golf was quite unpleasant, again with rough & short choppy waves, but all was manageable by our autopilot.

We arrived just outside the entrance of King George River around 3ish in the afternoon. Anchor was dropped and on went the BBQ – Porc Roast was waiting to become a dinner 😉

Early next morning we carefully found our way through and over the sandbars in the entrance. Nearly immediately we couldn’t stop saying  “wow”, “amazing” “stunning” and whatever words came in our mind. We took Never Land through the whole river, right to the end under the Twin Falls…..unfortunately they were completely dry 🙁 but anyway : the rock walls are high and we felt being back in Switzerland, in a canyon !

On one of these very hot days we climbed up a steep path, found a way through the green…. and we finally found “The Gremlin Box”

The Gremlin Box

The Gremlin Box

The story of the Gremlin

A yacht had a gremlin on board and after the skipper caught it he put it in a box and left it in a small cave beside the climb to the top of the Twin Falls.  People have left little gifts in the box to keep the gremlin inside it.  It is said that anyone who removes or damages the box will inherit the gremlin along with it’s bad luck.   The box was destroyed by fire in 2013 and this replacement was put there by the Kimberley Coast Cruising Yacht Club founder.  Fragments of the original box have also been put inside the box.  Below is a poem from the box that tells of the yachtie’s

There was once a troubled yacht

It made it’s way into Koolama Bay

The intention was to sail the King George

For at least a week long stay

Their misfortune started inside the river

When the heads did start to quiver

The skipper went below to take a dump

But found a gremlin in the dunny pump

Two hours of stripping the toilet down

Then putting it back together

Still the gremlin could not be found

The skipper reached the end of his tether

“Pull up the pick” he yelled at his wife

That was the start of the rest of his strife

She pushed the button on the anchor winch

The gremlin had moved.  It wouldn’t budge an inch

Dripping with sweat, seething with anger

The skipper went forward to pull the anchor

Bare hands to the chain, his back in pain

The pick came aboard.  He showed the strain

By now the air was flush with tension

Aft he rushed to start the engine

He turned the key, but to no avail

The gremlin had moved.  They’d have to sail

By now the panic was starting to appear

His wife was scared.  Showing signs of a tear

Pulling hard on the halliard to lift the main

She used the winch to take the strain

“It’s up” she yelled, “sail to the middle to where the water’s deep

She tied off the halliard to the mast foot cleat

He lurched at the tiller to bring her round

The gremlin had moved.  Crunch went the keels as they ran aground

Dark was coming.  Eave was close

Fun had vanished.  The feeling morose

Bilge keels stuck fast, as tide did ebb

The skipper and his wife took stock – “Let’s think ahead”

They planned to hunt the gremlin down

They would need a plot to catch this clown

He went below.  Nature called about an earlier job

The gremlin had moved.  He was back in the bog.

With Iridium next morn they phoned a friend

Dr Google was consulted. “Gremlin on board – how to apprehend?”

There was only one solution.  Build a gremlin nest

From under a bunk they found an old chest

Nic naks and buttons, coins and thread

Carefully placed to form a bed

Lid held open with a scrap of foam

The gremlin moved in.  He found a new home

Where in the George could they leave the chest?

To stay in his crib things must be added to his nest

They placed the box, here in this grotto

Walkers passing by will think they have won lotto

Open the chest to see what it hides

Read this yarn, which they’ll find inside

So if you’ve walked this far, and spoken this ditty

The gremlin has moved.  You own him.  What a pity!

There was a rumour about the rock pools in the East Arm…. a bit hard to get there but we gave it a try…..arriving at the end of the arms we found us surrounded by rock walls with a thick rope hanging down…..

Tying up the dinghy

Tying up the dinghy

Looked really scary as both of us are not good in dealing with heights….Having come so far we took a deep breath and started tying the dinghy to the rope.

There was a tiny bit of water dripping down the rocks so we were motivated to finally find something to cool us down…. and yes, we could swim in crystal clear water in a quite large pool.

We really didn’t want to leave, but after an extended picnic we started the way more scary way down & back to our dinghy. Climbing down it was hardly to manage to grab the swinging rope but we made it back safe and sound. We were really proud about ourselves !

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