Mourilyan Harbour

Mourilyan Harbour

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Waiting for the weather to calm down took 8 days !

We got to know very lovely people, running a sailing charter out of Mission Beach, but even they couldn’t make it back home.

Lisa, Stu and their son Fletcher from Big Mama Sailing had several good tips for us and we passed plenty of time together, accompanied by , and .

Mourilyan Harbour as it looked like most of the time
Mourilyan is a small town located 8km south of Innisfail, at the Cassowary Coast Region of Queensland. Since the late 1950 it is an automated bulk-loading terminal for sugar cane and able to deal with 1400t of sugar per hour. Anchorage is well-protected from all directions.

Just checked again on the weather forecast : still giving us 20+ knots over the next 3 days …. it might not be the nicest view we have  in here, with the bulk-loading terminal in front of us and also this huge amount of midges which try to eat me lively, but for the moment it’s the best we can do. We are well-stocked with food and drinks, the solar panels re-charge our batteries nicely, so why should we risk anything by moving out of our hiding ?

To be honest, we are quite bored and impatient waiting in here… our fastest movements are running around the boat when a new shower comes down and then closing all windows, hatches and clears and re-opening them when the sun passes through again. We are re-organising our fishing gear, re-sorting all lures, hooks etc. and trying to create „the one thing a f*!@:#$! fish will bite on“.

In our dinghy we went into the outlawing channel and couldn’t go really further as also there were too many waves breaking…. we saw a rough sea with huge white caps from breaking waves and a big swell  as far as our eyes could see.

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