Orpheus Island

Orpheus Island

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What a wonderful sunny day it was with calm seas when we left Townsville’s Breakwater Marina.
We cruised along the southern side of Magnetic Island ( we’ll stay there on our way back, I reckon…), made our way north by passing through the little channel between Rattlesnake and Harold Island, passing the western side of Great Palm Island and hang onto a mooring finally in Little Pioneer Bay on Orpheus Island. During our cruise we had our lures out for a swim and they enjoyed their swimming without being disturbed by hunting fishes.
So early afternoon in our anchorage we watered our dinghy, fishing gear went in and we drove around the corner, where fishing is allowed. Yes, there are fishes and we caught the tiny little ones, which we released. The bigger the bait and hook the smaller are the fishes biting…
So we finally drove back to Never Land. Ingo invented our own, private and first floor sunroof : as our roof extension is strong enough to carry a fuel bladder (which will be necessary later during our trip) so it should easily carry the 2 of us . Beanbags out and the drinks – I know it might be boring to read it again, but we watched another stunning and colorful sunset.

As the evening was warm and calm and no rain announced we decided to leave all clears on the flybridge open. This morning around 5ish I awoke by the sounds of a heavy shower giving Never Land a nice freshwater rinse ! From hearing the rain whilst still half sleeping to remember the open clears, to run upstairs and closing them takes quite a while, which means all the bits and pieces inside were freshly showered as well. This morning you could have watched us cleaning and drying upstairs…

Now the sun is out again, it’s nice warm and sunny. Ingo saw already a couple of baby sting rays here in our little bay, so we might explore it later on !

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