The Hinchinbrook Channel

The Hinchinbrook Channel

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Travelling ...


To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye -

The Hinchinbrook Channel

We travelled further north , now heading for the Hinchinbrook Channel, passed islands and places where we’ve never been before, and now it starts to feel like “exploring unknown places”. Until Townsville everything still was too familiar as we have been there so often by car.

On the 19th of April we left Orpheus Island and headed direction Hinchinbrook Channel. The entrance to Hinchinbrook Channel is not to overseen as from far away you’ll notice the extreme long sugar-cane loading terminal. The entrance into the channel is really shallow and you’re better in following the guide lines and lights. Basically you’re moving your boat directly to the sugar sheds, feeling like you’ll run into them and finally turn your boat away from land…..
Navigation inside is well marked and you are in a different world, not on the ocean anymore, but on a huge lake.

Roughly 8 miles into the channel we anchored next to the tiny Haycock Island.
The sun was shining and again we tried to catch some dinner..

What shall I say : doesn’t matter if with bait, big lures, small lures : we didn’t even had a bite .


Guess what : we saw our first crocodile in the wild !

We saw very unexpected our first crocodile in the wild !!! No, we have no picture taken to proof (but in the future we’ll take a camera with us whilst fishing) ! It was a smaller, maybe around 1m long croc, sunbathing on a muddy bank and when we approached it decided to disappear in the water. When there’s a small one, there must be (a) bigger one(s) also, or ? Later back on Never Land we closed our small gates to the duckboard… never know who wants to come for a visit !

Haycock Island

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