the next marina - Cairns Marlin Marina here we come !

Cairns Marlin Marina here we come !

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Friday, the 29th of April :
we finally dared to leave our secluded spot…. even having met wonderful people it was just annoying in there !

approaching Cairns

Ingo had to make a “wonderful” scuba dive under Never Land, as due to the rough weather her props caught a mooring line from nowhere…. just to tell you : he dived into a brown soup of mud, with possible crocs around, visibility was around 20 cm !

The roughly 60 nautical miles went slowly, but went over….as we were coming closer to the channel entrance, which is 8 nm long (!) I decided to get my bad weather gear ready for berthing !
The moment Never Land turned into the E -Arm where our berth was located, the wind was fierce and the rain could not have poured any stronger. Within seconds I was more wet than having a shower ! It was a hard work for Ingo to try to get the boat close enough to the berth to enable me to jump o land so I could try to fix Never Land’s lines… I finally got the first rope on, but to get ANY of her other ropes tied on was nearly impossible. Ingo tried his best ( he’s in the meantime a really excellent skipper !) so I got a second rope on, then the third and the fourth. We had quite a while to tow the ropes back and forth until Never Land was safely towed to her berth.
Time to have a drink and change clothes …

Never Land’s berth in the Marlin Marina was next to 2 commercial dive boats (in the picture there’s only one of them).

It was quite interesting to see how their staff was doing all the procedures around preparing the boat in the morning, checking-in guests, paperwork, coming back in the evening, cleaning the boat and so on….
On our second day it was already established, that their tour operator Rick and Owner Peter had their morning coffees on Never Land

The Marlin Marina is situated directly at the esplanade, in just 2 minutes walk you’re in the middle of restaurants, bars and shops, even a Woolies is there. There are -also directly on our E-Arm- local fisher man, where you can get freshly caught cray fish, oysters, prawns and fish….yummie !
Using our push bikes was nice as everything is flat, but with that on and off pouring rain we ended up having again a rental car….
With this we could get e.g. to marine shops further away and replace Never Lands Horn, which had stopped working during our stay in Mourilyan Harbour. On our arrival we went out for dinner and by chance stumbled in the Cairns RSL Club.
Amazing food at good prizes….their roast is excellent ! Very friendly staff, a real welcoming atmosphere.

No wonder that we didn’t feed ourselves during our stay in Cairns….the possibilities we found were just too good to miss, also at a place called Corea Corea, which is nothing else than a snack bar with a 5* class food.

And again the weather was not on our side so we needed to stay until the 5th of may…

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  1. Hi happy travellers, where are in the world.. weve been following your journeys but seem to have lost you in Cairns.. We start our trip north to Airlie this week and hope to be there by the end of the month… Happy cruising and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Post

      Hi Pia & Bill ! Hope you’re doing well 🙂
      We have been out of phone / internet reception and are just arrived at Horn Island. We’ll be here the next couple of days and we’ll try on updating our travel diary…..I reckon you’ll remember the times just being connected to the rest of the world by a sat-phone when you’ve done that trip…. All our conversations, all your advices have already been very helpful for us and we’ve been thinking of you two very often.
      Stay safe and always fair winds & enough water under your hulls

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