How it all started...

How it all started…

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….or what the hell are they doing now ?!?

We are living in Australia since 4 years and all we can say is : it’s a stunning place to live! So much to see and to explore. Whenever we had time we went to see a bit more, mostly by car until now….

With  our previous boats we have  explored the Whitsunday Islands. Officially there are 74 Islands in this group, but in reality there are more than 100….and no, we haven’t been to every island until now !

we are enjoying ourselves at Whitehaven Beach

Back to today : we bought Never Land end of 2014, she is a Brava Sport power catamaran, which gives us the possibility for extended cruising, for living on her due to her size. In 2015 we’ve done lots of short and longer trips with her to get to know her well. In this time – and also during the first months of 2016 she has received lots of extras to suit us perfectly to live onboard for a really extended time.
We fitted her with an air conditioning system ( yes, that is not pure luxury, that is necessary in the tropics !), a marine generator, extensions to the aft deck, new decking at aft and upstairs on the flybridge, new clears, new shade covers, curtains, we have our own compressor to fill scuba diving cylinders, new fridge and freezer…. and that’s just a small part of the list. Ingo has build a wonderful, foldable table for our aft deck, made from Rosewood on which we are enjoying drinks & meals, using our computers, fitting our fishing gear and so on….(And yes, there are hundreds of small & big things Ingo worked on, but I won’t mention everything here)…

Over the months we decided to explore the Queensland coast direction north, see the Northern Territories and enter Western Australian Waters to experience the Kimberleys……yes and all the way back home !

Having something in your mind and then starting to prepare it are very different things…. We are going through and going into a very remote area, means you must be quite self-sufficient and well prepared. We started to read and research, found others who had done the same or similar trips, read about their difficulties, bought books and and and. The Queensland coast line up north until Cairns / Port Douglas is an “easy boating” area in regards of provisioning or even repairs on boats : lots of marinas, which means easy accessibility to whatsoever wanted or needed. The more you go north, the less  access you’ll have, starting with normal things like mobile reception / communication…
For now I can say we have ourselves prepared as much as we have been able to think about, but most important I guess we have a good portion of „Common Sense“ ….
I would say, here and now is a good opportunity to mention a few persons who really gave us a huge helping hand whilst planning : Sharpie from Aquadive in Airlie,who made sure our scuba diving will go right, Bruce and Kaye with their boat „Tunnelvision“, Bill and Pia with „Pampanito“, Nick K.,  Mike S.,  Ross from the Kimberley Coast Cruising Yacht Club…. and that’s just to mention a few, who encouraged us to set out for this adventure of a lifetime !

Last but not least our great and hard working team at Mantaray Charters and Whitsunday Dive Adventures : without you we couldn’t be away for such a long time !

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